Welcome to Alternate Dragonball Z RP (or Alt, as we call it). We are a competitive free-form role playing community loosely based on the popular anime TV show Dragonball Z (DBZ), created by Akira Toriyama. Our room exists on the free web-based chat site for role play communities, Illusionary Minds Chat (better known as IMC). YOU MUST HAVE AN ACCOUNT ON THIS SITE TO ROLE PLAY WITH US.


Alternate Dragonball Z RP's website is MOVING!

We are relocating the site to a Wiki-based system, which will allow the site to receive contributions from everybody who participates in the room. The actual chat room is NOT moving. This site will remain here until all of the information is copied and all the reformatting is complete.

Please update your bookmarks accordingly. The new site is:

Our room is unlike any DBZ role playing room you will likely ever encounter. We go by our own plot, almost to the complete exclusion of the characters from the show. Not only do we include superhuman martial artists, but also masters of telekinetic powers and fearsome users of magic, just to name a few. Because our room is so different from the Dragonball Z norm, please try to be open minded when you join. Expect to be surprised. Even people who dislike the anime show may enjoy role playing with us.

To begin, first read the RULES using the link at the top of the page. Once you are sufficiently familiar with the rules to apply for a character (doing so without the rules will almost certainly end in lots of needless hassle), you may do so using the Character Application in the UTILITIES section, which is also another button at the top of the page.

This website is owned and maintained by the host of this RP room, Icebreed. It is hosted on a web server run by the fine folks at JaguarPC.

Modified: 27 Aug 2006