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"Etiquette of Reform"

After the lengthy reign of peace, Earth fell under the eyes of yet another alien race bent on imposing their will on its citizens. The Shen'Ihr were originally a peaceful, space-faring race led by a kind line of monarchs. However, a rebellious, misguided democratic movement known as the Chorus violently ousted the King, leaving his son, the Prince, and his royal guard to flee for their lives. They took refuge on Earth, and for some time since, have been left undisturbed.

The political refugees found harbor with the mighty Order Focus and industrial tycoon, Alothin, serving in his psionic militia in exchange for a safe place to stay, and asylum for the Prince, as they worked to rebuild themselves enough to return and retake their planet. Unfortunately, they were eventually discovered by the Chorus once more. The Chorus secretly sent an assassination squad to Alothin's castle to dispatch the heir apparent and his guards. The assassination attempt failed, though one royal guard was captured, and it only served to enfuriate Alothin and the power wielders allied with him. Later, in a move to trade the guard for the Prince, Alothin surprised the Chorus commander and was able to resecure his valuable employee without any damage to the Prince.

Too far involved to simply pull out and give up, the Chorus have launched an all out invasion on the ARCHIE III space station, as a planted engineer comandeered most of the powerful Lost Androids to his cause. A demand was issued to Earth to produce the Prince, or they would feel the wrath of ARCHIE's mega cannon, Tenchu. However, it was soon discovered that a resistance group was being led by the last remaining untainted Lost Android, and that they held the controls of Tenchu from the enemy.

Now, an all out war rages in ARCHIE as the Chorus desperately try to secure Tenchu to punish Earth for its impudence, and the resistance fights stalwartly to retake their main planetary defense. Alothin has issued a network-wide alert to all power wielders who attended the Tenkaichi Budoukai, beckoning them to join the fight on the station. As the mysterious, faction independent Inquisition arrives to purge the "heathen magic conspirators", anything could happen. Will your character make the difference, or will the Chorus win the day and send the Earth into an apocalypse it can hardly protect itself from?

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The Tenkaichi Budoukai (complete) - Once again, the time came for World's Greatest Combat Tournament, the Tenkaichi Budoukai. As per his agreement from last year's Budoukai, Alothin hosted this year's iteration in his prize from last year, Deius Castle, with some slight changes of his own doing. With this man's impressive technological armada, he managed to do some things that the previous host could not. Fighters all over Earth were summoned by any number of media methods, from newspaper to television to radio. The planet again went abuzz with the excitement this tournament brought.

After endless, terrific battles, it finally came down to the two most prestigious mages on Earth. In one corner stood Alothin, the great Order Focus, who many believed to be invincible, and in the other stood Atyhtan Ator, the diabolical mage responsible for the abduction of hundreds of people and the removal of many skyscrapers from Central Capital's skyline, who it seemed nobody could stop. After two battles, Alothin unexplainedly forfeit the remaining match, bringing an anticlimactic end to the tournament. Ator was the winner.

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