Section II, Characters
Subsection A, General Details

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Characters in Alternate Dragonball Z are generally people or sentient creatures with enormous amounts of combat-worthy power ... enough for many to consider them demigods. When used carelessly, they can level cities, bring down mountains, and even destroy planets. These rules prevent characters from destroying these things on a whim without some form of defense, but the millions of "normal" people who reside on Earth often live in fear that some day their entire metropolis will be destroyed by a sparring match gone out of control.

The majority of characters in this room are competitive, which in context, means that they have super powers, keep statistics relating to those powers, and build up those powers so that they can defend themselves against or conquer others of their "kind". They start out on the low rung of the ladder, but with effort, can be built up to be forces to be reckoned with. "Mortal" or ordinary people tend not to be very playable in the room, just as the non-competitive characters with unregulated powers are not, since they have very limited access to the plots we engage in.

Plot characters are nothing more than a character, as described above, who is specifically designed for a plot we're doing. They usually get special powers that regular characters don't get to start with, and aren't as strictly held to the rules as others may be.

In general, we do not allow source characters. This means we don't allow characters from real publications, including but not limited to those from any of the Dragonball episodes or movies. Applying for a handle for one of these characters on IMC may result in the loss of your handle application privileges. We don't allow people who are related to or friends with the source characters, either (since most of the source characters have been dead for years anyway). Both of these things have exceptions, but they are almost always done by invitation from the staff. Please do not ask us for source characters. We strongly encourage you to make original ideas of your own.

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Modified: 31 Dec 2004