Section II, Characters
Subsection B.2, Official Teachers

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Official Teachers are special characters dedicated to teaching other characters various skills and powers. While non-official teacher characters can still teach, they do so at considerable burden to themselves, with greater limits, and with fewer results.

The benefits of an Official Teacher are as follows:

  • Teach multiple students (up to 30)
  • Teach techs faster
  • Ability to train other characters' PLs up very quickly, and with different methods than simply sparring.
  • More creative liberties for teaching

Each player may not own more than one active Official Teacher at any given time, with the exception of canon (source) characters granted to a player, which do not count. A character can simply stop being Official Teacher one day, and another can simply start again, after following below procedures. However, a player may not flip-flop between Official Teachers as they deem fit. An Official Teacher should remain in that status for at least 2 months before resigning the status again.

Official Teachers can be any kind of character, from mortal to competitive to non-competitive, and even plot characters and dead characters (in the afterlife), as long as that character is approved, where necessary.

Once a character is declared as an Official Teacher, the benefits that come with the title do not take place until the character's player has a teaching regimen approved by the staffers. A teaching regimen is a mapped-out plan of how the teacher goes about teaching students. It consists of a timeline, punctuated by points in time where a student character learns skills and gains power, as well as undergoes training RP. Training RPs are the key to reducing overall training time -- the more of them there are, and the more creative they are, and the more well related they are, the more likely the training time of techs and PL will be diminished. Teaching regimens are approved simply by presenting them to a staffer (no formal application is required). The staffer will lay down to you what kind of speed of progress you can expect when you present the regimen.

All techs taught must be already completely mastered by the teacher, and approved. Any PL types taught or given must be also had by the teacher. Items, of course, may not be taught (though techs that make items may be).

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