Section II, Characters
Subsection C, Non-competitive Characters

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Non-competitive characters (also called "noncomps") are characters meant for freer restrictions than competitive characters. You can literally make a non-competitive character almost anything you want it to be, including a god. Your only restrictions for power are merely there to ensure that, in all your grandeur, you do not interfere with the rest of the room structure -- or at least, not without staff permission.

Here are some examples of things you can not do with a noncomp:

  • Be exempt to the "Victims Call Effects" rule in the General section.
  • Resurrect characters at will without staff permission
  • Supercede or replace the current structure of godly power in the room
  • Give other characters techniques or PL outside of an Official Teacher's teaching regimen (See the Official Teacher section)
  • Participate in any kind of plot without the plot moderator's permission.

Though you are certainly free to do so, you are not required to list or even know any power levels or techniques for a non-competitive character. Even the requirement to be incapacitated does not apply to noncomps, though, once again, you are certainly allowed to do it anyway.


You must still apply for a noncomp, using the same character sheet that a competitive character would use. However, unlike a competitive character, you do not have to go into nearly so much detail. You do not have to provide racial details if your character is a custom race. You only have to list a general scheme of powers rather than every detail of every power, though you do have to detail any power that could be seen as controversial or potentially room disruptive, such as player resurrection.

Additionally, in order to have your noncomp approved, the handling staffer must recognize at least one competitive character you own that you use with reasonable frequency. If you are seen to stop playing your competitive character(s) and instead play with your noncomp, your noncomp playing priveledges may be suspended until your competitive characters become more active.


Non-competitive characters must state their character type in their tags.

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Modified: 31 Dec 2004