Section II, Characters
Subsection D, Static Characters

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Static Characters are characters with properties mixed between Non-Competitive characters and Competitive characters. They are, essentially, characters with competitive-like abilities and statistics, but these aspects of the character may be adjusted at any time by staff review to fit a particular niche in the room. Thus, these characters lack the requirement of constant playing, because of one important role or another that they play in the room.

You may not apply for a Static Character, nor may you request one from staff. Static Characters are given to players by staff, usually in acknowledgement of above average storytelling capability, to fill spaces in the character spectrum that may stay void otherwise. Owning a static character is considered an honor.

A static character gains and advances as a normal competitive character. However, if the character falls out of the niche he/she is supposed to fill, whether that's by gaining too much or gaining too little, the staff can elect to review the character and adjust it in any way they see fit. The staff can also choose to remove the character from play or have it killed off (these decisions for the character are no longer made by the player), if a situation begs it, or if its controlling player abuses its position. They can also transfer the character to another player, if such an exchange is deemed necessary.

Static characters must list this character type in their tags, and abide by all competitive character tag requirements.

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Modified: 16 Nov 2005