Section III, Power Level
Subsection F, Gaining Power

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Power may be increased in one of these four main ways:

  • Sparring or fighting with other characters
  • Passive Training (see the Training section)
  • RP training (approved solos and group training RPs -- see the Training section)
  • Plot participation

FIGHTING GAINS are received after two or more characters have fought, in a friendly manner or otherwise, on such a level that all contestants are challenged. If participants enter who are not challenged, or who are so far over their heads that their participation means nothing, those participants are not counted, both for their own gains and the gains of others.

When a character leaves a fight RP, whether it is on his/her own or with the others, his/her player should make sure everyone else in the RP takes note of the character's total PL. Then, to calculate that character's own gain, he/she should collect each of the total PLs (all of the PL sources combined) of all the other participants in that fight who that character was challenged by (not including him/herself, of course). The player then takes the highest of those PLs, and finds 3% of it (your "base gain"). If there is more than one character the player's character was challenged by, then the player would then find 1% of all of those remaining total PLs. The player would then add the 3% score and all the 1% scores together. The total is called your normal gain.


PL1 = Your normal PL gain
PL2 = Highest challenger's total PL
PL3 = Sum of all other challenger's total PLs

PL1 = ( .03 x PL2 ) + ( .01 x PL3 )

But don't add this gain to your PL, yet. The player must first find out if the gain does not exceed the character's gain capacity, or cap as it's commonly called. Cap is a limit on a character's fighting gains per day. A character may not gain more than 6% of what his/her PL was at the start of the day, for that entire day. So, if your character's normal gain goes over whatever is left of his/her cap, then, instead, you only gain that an amount of PL equal to what's left of your cap, and nothing else. You would not be able to gain more PL for the rest of the day. Note: Passive Training, solos, and group training do not apply to cap. Sometimes plot RPs do not apply, either. Check with the plot moderator.

Characters can also gain PL through participating in plot RPs, even when these RPs do not include fighting. However, these gains are given entirely on the plot moderator's discretion, and in some cases, may not be given at all, even if there was a fight involved. Plot gains replace and supercede any gains normally received from fights.

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Modified: 31 Dec 2004