Section III, Power Level
Subsection G, Incapacitation and Death

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Even as men wield great earth-shaking powers, there is always someone better and stronger, and thus, in every equation of life, there is death. In AltDBZ, there are two states in which a defeated character falls -- Incapacitation and death. Incapacitation, or incap, occurs when a character has been defeated beyond the point where it is no longer capable of defense. Such a character is generally restricted from all but visitation and healing RPs, and may not fight. The length of such a state is determined by a rule described later in this section. 

Death is exactly what it sounds like -- a more permanent loss of a character. However, in the world of AltDBZ, not all things that die are gone forever. There are powers in the world, which include the almighty and coveted Dragonballs, which can bring fallen characters back to life. However, such events are always closely moderated by staff and may not be simply made up on the fly.

When a character falls into incap, their MUN has three options to figure out how long they stay that way. The first and preferred way is that the MUN of the character and the MUN of the defeating character must come to an agreement on how many days the character will be out for. This is completely up to those MUNs involved. The only restriction is that it cannot be less than one day, and it cannot be more than twenty days (except under special circumstances given by staff). The second way is automatically determined, if the incap was caused specifically by a technique. For instance, a technique that has a very high damage level but causes the user to fall into incap. This is always predetermined by the technique and may not be negotiated, though if the character takes further punishment this level can be increased by a negotiated number. The third way to discover the length of incap occurs if the MUN(s) involved in the fight cannot agree on a length. It uses a mathematical formula, as follows:


D = defeated character's original maximum durability
T = technique-caused incap days
P = the sum of damage of all blows dealt to the defeated character for one entire round before incap
N = number of resulting incap days for the defeated character


N = T + ( P / D ) x 10.

In case of mages, the last defensive spell shattered is used for the D variable.

If this confuses you, we encourage you to use the calculator on the Utilities page.

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Modified: 31 Dec 2004