Section III, Power Level
Subsection G.1, Life After Death

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When a character dies, the character is not lost forever. In AltDBZ, there is an after-life, which almost everyone of the Kamist religion believes in. Most people who die and pass into the afterlife never interact or return to the people in the world of the living. However, accomplished fighters have been known to be treated with greater respect in the netherworld. As this entails that RP may continue in the netherworld, we have special rules for dead characters continuing to RP in the beyond.

Characters who perish may be chosen to retain their body, bringing it with them into the netherworld. These individuals are usually popular, influential, or otherwise revered in the fighting world. Regardless of the state of the body after death, these privileged individuals receive their bodies in full, prime condition. On an In-Character basis, the decision for those who retain their bodies is made by the Kami of the planet on which they died, or of any higher power deity. On an OOC basis, the decision is made by staff. Characters who retain their bodies after death may train, gaining power and learning techniques as normal, when they interact with others who have retained their bodies. However, all Passive Training benefits are halved.

Characters in the netherworld, regardless of their bodily status, may not be RPed more than twice per month, each. The only exception to this rule is if the character is in training with an official teacher who has been staff-approved for teaching in the netherworld, such as King Kai. No Official Teacher may teach his/her regimen unless it is approved to specifically do so by staff.

Please refrain from drawing too much attention into the netherworld. We will never permit any miniplot or major plot to rotate around the netherworld, or any portion thereof. We will also not create or support sponsored storyline or fluff for any point of interest in the netherworld, aside from Yemma's castle and King Kai's planet.

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Modified: 10 Oct 2005