Section IV, Techniques
Subsection B, Technique Development

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There are three ways to get your character a non-common technique. It can either be invented, discovered (items only), or learned. Discovering items is covered in the Quests section.


This process only applies for normal, upgrade, item, and combo techniques. Others are covered in another section.


Access the Technique Application Form on the Alt DBZ website (do NOT email your application to a staffer unless they explicitly ask you to). The form will ask for some personal information for association and contact purposes (related only to the app). You must have a username on IMC and an approved character for AltDBZ in order to apply for a technique.

You must provide a First Owning Character. This is, in most instances, the character who invents it, or the main characters (in the case of combos) who invent it together.

You must provide a name for the technique. Both this and the First Owning Character fields are important, because the staffers use them to locate them in the database when details are questioned.

You must supply the type of the tech.

You must provide a description for the tech. This is, bar none, the most important part of the application. It describes, in no uncertain terms, how your technique works, and what it does. The description must be ultimately described in "room terms", which is a special set of terminology that describes effects in combat in a way that is geared for the mechanics of the room. It is possible to apply for a tech with a more layman's description, but it will almost always drastically increase how long it takes to process your application, since it has to be negotiated into room terms by the staffer anyway. See the Room Terms section for details.

You may provide credentials for your technique. Credentials are other techs or abilities that are not minitechs or gimmes which are used to support the creation of the current techs. For example, having a ki blast that can split into 3 identical twins can be useful when applying for one that splits into 10. For many advanced techniques, not having enough appropriate credentials can mean the denial of your technique. Credentials have to be techniques that have been already fully developed, discovered or learned by the character.


After being applied for, a staffer will eventually review the technique. Please do not bother staffers about techniques you have not received a response for, unless it has been at least one week since application.

After review, the staffer may require additional information from you (the app will fall into a state called "Pending".). This back and forth will continue until the staffer can properly approve your technique. Most technique denials happen right off the bat, with little or no back and forth.

Once the technique is approved, the staffer will inform you of a quest class you need to complete (for items) or a number of tech days which need to be completed. The tech days will be in the format A (B/C). Each number represents how long it will take for a character of a particular tech bias to develop the tech. "A" represents the number of tech days for neutral bias characters, and is also known as "base tech days". "B" represents the number of tech days needed for good bias characters, and "C" represents the number of tech days needed for those with poor bias. Characters with Excellent or Dismal bias will have to calculate their tech days independently.


Once approved, you may begin developing your new technique. Only the character or characters who apped for the tech may develop it.

For instructions on how to perform quests for items, please see the Quests section.

Techniques with tech day requirements must be developed through training. Please see the Training sections for details on how to train. When you are working on a technique, you must list its name and its progress either in your character's tag somewhere, or on a room-rating acceptable page linked to your character's handle. The preferred format in a character tag looks like this:

(In Progress: Technique Name [AA/BB])

Where "Technique Name" is the actual tech name, AA is how many tech days have been invested so far, and BB is how many that are required to complete the tech.

Tech Day Transfers

If you make a mistake in allotting your tech days that you later regret, you can sometimes transfer those tech days into something else. This works ONLY for tech days earned through passive training, tech credits, or epiphanies (and similar abilities), and only for techs which have not been both completed and used in any RPs. Additionally, tech days invested in techs being taught to the character by somebody else may not be transferred elsewhere.

Simply remove the tech days from one tech and put them into another. You may not exchange them for PL. You may not transfer more tech days into a technique than the number of days it is old. For instance, if you applied for a tech a week ago and it was approved, you may not transfer more than 7 days into it, today. However, epiphanies (and their ilk) are considered special because they are considered to happen instantly, even though it may take the player longer to come up with the techs. So, this restriction does not apply for them.

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Modified: 27 Jan 2005