Section V, Training
Subsection B, Passive Training

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Passive Training is a method of training (for both power and tech days) without the need for training-specific RP that alleviates the pressure for a player to focus on a single competitive character. With it, a character can be left unused for up to two weeks, while still keeping up, generally speaking, with those who are RPed more often. This method is also the most reasonable for gaining tech days, since it does not require a great deal of brainpower or effort to conceive solid results.

All competitive characters are eligible for passive training, or PT as it is more commonly called. A player simply inserts a blurb into their character's tag that shows when the last time PT was updated for that character, which usually looks like this:


Where MM is the month and DD is the day (you can change this so it makes sense to you, but it must also make sense to staffers). It is required to be present in the tag of any character who wants to participate in PT.

Once this is inserted into the tag, the process for PT goes something like this:

  1. The character has the last date that character RPed in his/her tag, as shown above.

  2. The character RPs. This can be any kind of RP -- a social, a fight, or even a solo -- as long as one other MUN was around to read it.

  3. The MUN counts how many days have passed since the PT date in the character's tag. If the character was incapped or dead during that time, those days aren't counted.

  4. The MUN then takes the smaller number of: 14, or the number of days from step 3.

  5. The MUN collects rewards according to that number from step 4.

  6. The MUN changes the date in the character's tag to today.

To collect rewards for PT time earned, you take the number of credits you've earned (the number from step 4 in the process above) and can do one of the following for each:

  • Get half of one percent (.5% or .005x) more total PL (all types combined).


  • Get one tech day, applicable towards any tech or subtech ability (mages get two when investing in spells).

Getting tech days for your credits is always easy, no matter how many credits you want to spend on it ... The number of credits you spend is always the number of tech days you get (or, multiply credits by 2 for mage spells). If you don't have an incomplete tech or subtech that you want to invest tech days in, you can save your credits for a time when you do. (See the Techniques sections for information on techniques and tech days)

Getting more PL, on the other hand, can be a little more math intensive. There are typically three ways of managing the exchanging of many credits into PL:

  • You can multiply each of your power levels by .005 once (with a calculator, probably), and then multiply those amounts, separately, by the number of credits you want to spend on PL. The results are your gains for each power level.

  • You can use a scientific calculator (or Windows calculator in Scientific mode). You type in 1.005, then press the x^y button (or whatever your scientific calculator has), then put in the number of credits you want to spend on PL. Then, hit the times button, and then type in one of your PLs. The result is that PL after PT is applied. Repeat for each PL type you have.

  • Use the web calculator for Passive Training. It explains itself, and does everything for you. Note: The web calculator is currently slightly obsolete, in that it does not scale your gain to your different PL types. If you use this tool, you will be responsible for dividing this gain correctly yourself, until a new version is made.

The first method is easy, but deprives you of a small amount of PL which you would've gotten with the other two methods. The second method is harder, but it gives you that extra little gain, and really isn't all that much harder once you've gotten the process down.

Please note that you must apply your PT-PL gains to scale with your different PL types. You may not shift your PT gain from one PL type to another. If you wish to make one PL grow faster than the other, the only way to do this is by discarding gain for the other PL.

Mortal Redemption

Players may use any mortal-type characters they have to redeem passive training for their competitive characters. A player may only do this once every 30 days. The player completes a full RP with his/her mortal character, and then immediately updates one character's PT as though he/she had just played that competitive character instead.

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Modified: 14 Nov 2005