Section V, Training
Subsection D, Quests

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Quests are special series of RPs which, together, are like a localized miniplot and usually entirely replace the tech day requirements of certain item techs. They also effectively remove almost any requirement for credentials. The item tech must be specifically applied as discovered, as opposed to being redesigned or otherwise created. The application staffer will inform you about what exactly will be required of you -- like if you simply need a certain kind of quest, or if a quest and then some tech days are needed.

Depending on the equivalent tech day size of the technique, items may require anything from a few small, two-person RPs to a full-blown miniplot and some tech days on top of that. Smaller techs require only minimal intervention from other players. Larger techs may require multiple people to be involved (it may be possible for another character to end up with the item instead, though you applied for it). Eventually, administration of the quests is given to staff instead. There is a certain point where the tech day size becomes too large for quests to apply -- at which point the item will be denied. Such items can only be received during major plots, and items involved in these plots are entirely decided by the staff (though you are free to suggest yours to them). It should be noted that quests are considered priveledges that place burdens on people, and so if a player starts to abuse and constantly request the Quest system, the priveledge will be suspended, at least until the people are ready to do more quests.

All quests will have at least one other person involved. The host or dungeonmaster of the quest must not be the person who applied for it, and must not have any participants in the quest. The actual quest involved is decided by the host, or the staff when it ascends to that level.

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Modified: 27 Jan 2005