Section V, Training
Subsection E, Teaching (Unofficial)

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While most techniques in the room are self-taught, originally invented, or are discovered, it is also possible and often favorable to be taught a technique by another.

Official Teaching is, by far, the best learning environment for characters. They are usually the best developed for storyline, and the best benefits are reaped from them. However, it requires a commitment, and only a limited number of Official Teachers are permitted. Official Teachers are better for characters who intend to teach many characters at once. For more details about Official Teaching, visit this section of the rules.

In order for a non-official teacher to teach a student how to learn a technique, the following criteria must be met:

  • The teacher must have completed the technique (The technique does not need to be the teacher's original invention).
  • The technique can not be an item (though it may be augmented or facilitated by an item, if the student also possesses or has access to the item).
  • The student must have fully completed all techniques listed in the credential portion of the technique's application.
  • The student must possess all power levels required by the technique, above mortal level.

If the above criteria are met, the process for non-official teaching is as follows:

  1. The owner of the student places the technique in the "In Progress" portion of their tag or character sheet as normal, but with "(Learning)" beside it somewhere. The student may apply any tech bias he or she has to the base tech day requirement for the tech, as follows:
    • Excellent bias characters reduce the tech cost by 50%.
    • Good bias characters reduce the tech cost by 25%.
    • Neutral bias characters take the base cost of the tech.
    • Poor bias characters increase the tech cost by 25%.
    • Dismal bias characters increase the tech cost by 50%.
  2. The teacher and student RP out teaching the fundamentals of the technique. The student may not invest any tech days into the subject technique until this RP has finished. Any tech days earned from this RP may be applied to the technique. This technique may be a staff-approved group RP, but does not have to be. No extra benefits are reaped for this RP, beyond what is normally gained. This permits progress on the technique by the student up to 30 tech days. There is no commitment for the teacher except RP time.
  3. After every increment of 30 days required, an additional teaching RP similar to that in Step 2 is required between student and teacher (and may not include more than one student at a time). The RPs are expected to be accurate to the general progress of the student in the technique, but staff approval is not required. The student may not invest any tech days beyond the current increment of 30 tech days until this RP is finished. The student must start and finish this RP while the progress of the tech is within the 30 day increment.
  4. Once the student has completed all required RPs and tech days, the technique is mastered as normal.

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Modified: 21 Jan 2006