Section VI, Races
Subsection A, Humans and Demihumans

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These are the official technical specifications for characters created as Humans, Demihumans, or Human equivalents (races that are not human but are exactly like them). If you want the literary background on Humans and Demihumans, please visit this section of the website instead.

For statistical purposes, Demihumans are the same thing as Humans. Demihumans do not receive any additional bonuses that depend on the type of animal they are mixed with. It is acceptable, however, to make miniskills to that effect instead.

Tech Bias: Good

Humans require three-quarters (0.75x) the base amount of tech days that techniques would normally cost. Additionally, very few restrictions are placed upon the ingenuity of the techniques they ask for.

Pros and Cons

  • Speedy Hospital Recovery: When humans are incapacitated, their recovery rate doubles when they spend time in a hospital or similar environment.

  • Epiphany: Epiphanies are very rare instances where a Human's whole manner of thinking drastically changes due to a series of events in his/her life. When successfully achieved, an epiphany instantly yields 2 full years of free tech days, which can then immediately be invested into techs or saved for later. Because of the enormity of this benefit, epiphanies are EXTREMELY hard to achieve. They must be of the utmost quality in design, and the change must be well recognized by a decent portion of the room. They should not only involve but pivot crucially around several other characters not owned by the owner of the epiphany. If even one thing is noticably flawed, it can cause the entire epiphany to fail, and there are usually no do-overs. The host of this chat room is the only person authorized to approve epiphanies. The administration loses no sleep knowing that many Human characters will probably go on from life to death without ever experiencing an epiphany. 

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Modified: 27 Jan 2005