Section VI, Races
Subsection C, Nameks

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These are the official technical specifications for characters created as Nameks. If you want the literary background on Nameks, please visit this section of the website instead.

Tech Bias: Neutral

Nameks require the base amount of tech days for their techniques. They tend not to create any particularly brain-knotting techniques, but they can learn anything taught to them by others.

Pros and Cons

  • Caste System: Nameks are raised in specialized castes and are therefore brought up with greater focus and intensity. When you create a Namek, choose one of the following "caste" packages:
    • Warrior Caste: All power levels multiplied by 1.25x after creation.
    • Dragon Caste: Gain 60 free tech days.

  • Accelerated Healing: Nameks heal 2 days of incapacitation for every real day that passes. However, this rate does not increase when in a hospital's care like other common races.

  • Regeneration: Nameks lose one eigth (0.125x) of all power levels when they lose a body part. However, when a body part is lost and found again, it can be easily reattached with no penalty (lost PL is reimbursed). Obliterated body parts can be entirely regenerated with one post of concentration each as long as the head is intact, but with no PL reimbursement.

  • Racial Ability: Body Stretching - Nameks have an extensive natural ability to stretch and warp their body proportions. Their PLs are not modified in any way while this takes place, but it should be noted that as body parts grow and stretch, durability becomes stretched out over the body, and thus, this makes stretched parts more locally vulnerable (like how a needle is more likely to puncture you than a hammer). Growth and reduction occurs at the same speed that the Namek can normally physically move. A Namek may only do one growth or reduction per post (except for arms and legs, in which case both parts may be done simultaneously), but it does not count as the post's technique. A Namek may not grow any or all parts of his body more than 5 times bigger, nor may he shrink any or all parts to be more than twice as small.

  • Racial Ability: Fusion - Nameks have the unique ability to join their bodies and powers together in a Namekian Fusion. Fusions are done two at a time, and both parties must be willing. In case of an in-battle fusion, it requires one full post to fuse. Fusions are permanent, and there is no way short of the Dragonballs to reseparate two fused Nameks. In a fusion, one Namek is the host, and the other is the tenant. The host is the dominant Namek. He retains his body, and his personality stands at the forefront. The tenant is passively blended into all but physical aspects of the host, supplementing him with all of his powers and skills, as well as still existing as a subtle second personality. The owner of the host is the player who will officially control the Namek from that point forward. As a result, the fused Namek has the sum of all the powers and techs of both fusing Nameks. There is no limit to the number of times a Namek can fuse. A fused Namek can still be the tenant for another Namek, and still carries the skills and personalities of its old tenant.

  • Advanced Sense - Nameks can detect noises and sights at 150% TotalPL speed, instead of 100%.

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Modified: 27 Jan 2005