Section VII, Estate / Property

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The posession of significant real estate and/or property (such as a large space vessel, for instance) must be believable and logically possible. While we do not enforce strict monetary/financial monitoring in this room, any significant financial endeavor should be run through by the staff. The staff may require a certain amount of tech day development, in the case of actually buying a significant investment, or in the case of trying to generate sufficient money to do so. Financial assets and necessary character expertise will be analyzed.

The point at which an investment becomes subject to these rules is around the general cost of a small house. Beneath that point, players are free to spontaneously garnish their characters with objects.

If a large piece of property is being attacked, the owning player must be aware and in agreeance of it first, though the owning character does not necessarily have to be present.

Any technique-level additions to property and/or estate (such as a defensive system) must generally be processed through as techniques. An NPC employed force belonging to a character is also subject to financial discretion.

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Modified: 27 Jan 2005