Section VIII, Storylines (Plots)

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There are generally two kinds of major storylines in AltDBZ -- miniplots and major plots.

Major plots are massive, usually long events where the majority of characters in the room tend to be involved. If characters do not adequately defend from evil, entire major cities can be levelled, countries can be conquered, and even all of Earth can be taken over. Major plots have a scope that is only limited by what will entertain players and not make them leave the room. They are usually run either by staff, or honored chatters who have been chosen to moderate such an event. Even in those cases, the chatters are closely monitored by staff to ensure role play quality for the entire room. Many times, freedoms are taken by the moderator in ways that would never be possible outside of a major plot. Most major plots will take place on Earth.

Miniplots on the other hand, are much smaller in scale, and tend to only attract a portion of the room's populace. Rarely do they ever seriously threaten major cities. Miniplots are much more often moderated by chatters, though staffers sometimes help or moderate. They are usually used to advance a character's story, or to advance a major idea going on in the room. Miniplots usually have a few villains with regulated powers and a sizable minion army. Sometimes, the creation of bases, facilities, or even planets is approved. In order to be run, however, a player must first discuss the miniplot with the host and get his approval.

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Modified: 27 Jan 2005