Web Calculators

These web-based calculators have been written to assist you with all the gory math details that come with being an accurate RP. Not good at math? Math is your worst nightmare? You've come to the right place. There are even some calculators here that almost everybody will want to use, if not to defeat the complexities of it all, then for the speed of it. Enjoy!

Note: Most of these calculators use Javascript. They have been tested in Internet Explorer 6.0, Opera 6.01, and Netscape 6.2. If your browser cannot handle the calculators, then it probably has a substandard version of Javascript. If you know for sure your browser is up to date, try making sure your Javascript is enabled.

Basic Calculators

Simple 2-Person Spar/Fight
Deluxe 3+ Person Spar/Fight
Passive Training Calculator
Strength and Speed PL Number
Incap Day Calculator

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