The Techniques of your character are what takes the longest to approve. Techniques are things you can give to your character that can help exceed the normal limits of a character (usually for battle), whether that's by some kind of "special move," a particular type of training, a weapon, or a piece of armor. Because the nature of techs is to alter the normal manner of things -- for instance, by an attack that is stronger than a normal attack -- we need you to be as accurate and precise as reasonably possible when you design your techniques. The alternative is to not have any techs at all at first, which is a completely acceptable choice. You can count on getting your entire power level allowance if you do that (usually 15 million PL) but it also will leave you disadvantaged with other characters who have the same power level but also have techs as well.

There are many things consistent to most techniques that you should consider describing, when you do yours. To name a few of the most prominent:

Try to think of things in "room terms." Usually, we refer to durability, strength, speed, and stamina all in terms of percent of a person's power level(s). For instance, a normal ki blast is 30% of a person's Ki PL strong, and 50% of the person's Ki PL fast. Often it may help you to come into our room and talk with us, especially about our techniques, and maybe toss around ideas of your own. Getting a staffer to help can be extremely beneficial, as they have experience in turning ideas into techs for the room.

It also helps to have a good understanding of our rules section on techniques.