The Comments and Notes section is mostly for you to notify us of any major points with your character that may take extra permission, or special circumstances, or a description of your Minor Race if you decide to have that race apply to only the current character you're applying. Of course, if none of that applies, you can just leave it blank.

Some things you might put here:

* These are extremely rare exceptions ... 99% of the time we will not allow these things to occur in our room. The other 1% of the time, the exception will have to prove to us both why there is a need for such an entity in the room (besides self-glory) and that they are a player worthy of making such a character and exception interesting and worthy of making the exception for.

** Whether or not these things will be approved relies a lot on how important the thing you are requesting is, and host/cohost approval.

If you are going to describe a Minor Race here, make sure you cover at least the following points:

Keep in mind, Minor Races must be balanced with other races. If we see a blatant imbalance, the entire application may be denied. Ask a staffer if you need assistance.