Custom Race Application Form

Customized races can be extremely difficult to balance, and shouldn't be requested lightly.
Erroneous applications may be denied without explanation.

ATTENTION, NEW PLAYERS: Unless you have been told otherwise by a staff member, we HIGHLY recommend that you do not use this form until you become very well acquainted with how this room works. The AltDBZ staff will not waste time processing race applications from players who do not know what is expected on this application.

Please be aware that custom race applications can take much, much longer than character or technique applications. Please do not excessively harass the staff to handle your race application. Thank you for your patience.

Once your race is approved, you may apply for characters for it. Use the "(Other) Pre-approved Race" selection for the character's race, and enter the race's name in the box below it.

Fields marked with "(Optional)" do not have to be filled out, but all other fields do. If you do not know what you need to put in for one of the fields, click the button next to the field for popup help.

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Modified: 12 May 2006