Players of Alternate Dragonball Z are allowed to create character sheets for their characters through use of IMC's character sheet utility. Character sheets contain fighting information for the characters as well as information about their stories and histories. This is common knowledge. However, our room specifically allows players to submit their sheets to the public, so that others can see their characters! AltDBZ characters are invariably interesting people with a lot to show. Feel free to browse through the directory and read about all our characters.

There are currently 0 character sheets listed.

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If you are an AltDBZ player and wish to submit your character sheet for public display here, make sure that the sheet template you used belongs to AltDBZ and simply select the "Submit this sheet." link at the bottom of the sheet editor for that sheet. Once your sheet has been approved, it has been added to this database! If you wish to have a character sheet removed, contact the host and remove your sheet from submission.

Please make sure your submitted sheets fall under AltDBZ's IMC-16 rating standards. There are no picture size limits from the room for your sheets, but IMC does impose a limit of 50 kilobytes for any pictures on their pages. Any submitted sheets found in violation of these rules will be removed from this database, and other disciplinary actions may ensue. If you see a sheet in violation, please contact the webmaster so it can be dealt with appropriately.


Modified: 30 Dec 2004