(Time Gap 1)

Namek, Revisited 

 Golden Dawn

Following the conflict on New Namek there was a long stretch of peace. For 2 years, Earth was calm and doom was nowhere to be seen. Families were started, cities prospered, and evil tapped its fingers impatiently on its desk. Some chose to train. Some chose to leave for New Namek to help protect their precious gift to the universe. Some chose to stay on Earth and chase the Dragonballs. Towards the end, however, Earth began to feel the grip of unrest, as some of the less scrupulous members of the society of power decided to take advantage of the long peace and impose their own will. Villains sprung up everywhere, and just as quickly, heroes rose up to their challenge. In the midst of this, the next great stories of power began.

Modified: 14 Apr 2003