The New Era

 Ginjo's Army

Though it certainly is not the beginning of all things Alt DBZ, the New Era marked a point of significance to everything, from the very lives of our characters to the player MUNs to the core rules of the room itself. Technically, the New Era began when ssjobe, the man who brought Alt DBZ into being as well as commanding some of the most significant characters from its past, moved on to other things in life. Meanwhile, Cohost Steven Matthew, also known as Vix or Vixtar, became the next room host, promising change and a focus on the player with his every decision.

With relation to the RP, at the end of his era, ssjobe's characters and many of their affiliates were sheer powerhouses, controlling unfathomable power that only seemed to get higher with no sign of a limit. Fighting men had become like gods, and the planets had become their playing marbles, even as great evils came to crush them. All limits had been reached, all possibilities seemed to have been sought out. Life... had become repetition.

Then, one fateful day, the Black Star Dragonballs were gathered and used, and in their use, all the spiritual power was sucked from the universe. People who could destroy galaxies with a whim fell to the same level as the very same common people they had stood over before. In a word, everyone had become mortal, once again. To many proud fighters of all races and creeds, life had started all over again. However, many knew and know that power would rise again. History would repeat. Power begets power, and those who had it would only want it again. The only question was, how?

Yes, Alternate DBZ did not begin, by far, on the date of the New Era. Much had happened before. However, so much has changed in the world as we know it... so many veterans had left, so many newcomers have arrived... that it is our decision to weigh the world we live in by the events that have taken place from that point. Some of the older veteran players who remained may be able to tell you about events before that time, if you still wish to know.

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Modified: 27 Jul 2002