Section II, Characters
Subsection B.1, Declared Villains

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Players who have at least one other active competitive character (staffers decide if players are eligible or not) may elect to create a Declared Villain character, or to change an existing character into a declared villain. Declared villains exist to give the excessive amount of "good guys" a constant challenge, keeping them on their toes. While competitive characters can be villainous without being a declared villain, Declared Villains receive many powerful benefits to assist in their villainy. Those who are declared villains MUST act in a notoriously villainous manner (again, judged by staff).

Declared villains receive the following benefits:

  • 2x PL

If the villain is created that way, you will get twice as much PL allowance. If the villain used to be a normal character, exiting PLs double, and the added PL can be instantly exchanged for additional techs at a rate of 3 PL per tech day. (talk to a staffer about this).

  • 2-way 2x PL gains from fights with enemies

When a declared villain fights with enemies, he/she gets twice as much gain as usual. The enemies also get a doubled amount of gain. Daily gain cap is expanded by the doubled amount, to compensate.

  • A free army of minions

The entire army of minions may not have more than ten times the villain's current PL, total, nor may any single minion have more than half the current PL of the villain. Killed minions may be refurbished or replenished as though doing so were a technique, at 1 tech day per 10% of Villain's PL worth. Each minion may not have more than 90 base tech days' worth of techniques, and may not learn new ones. (See the Techniques section for information about tech days). All minions are to be played by the villain's owner.

  • A free "escape" technique

Villains may receive, at any time in their existence, a free technique. The sole purpose of this technique must be to unconditionally escape from battle. If further functionality is desired beyond getting the villain out of the battle (i.e. slowing or hurting opponents) the entire thing must be applied or submitted as a technique and further tech days must be spent to develop it. Enemies can develop an anti-escape tech specific to the villain's escape tech (it must be specific to the villain) without the need to apply for it, which costs 45 base tech days and nullifies all effects of the escape tech, including the actual ability of the villain to escape.


Competitive characters can only be declared villains once in their lives, though that once may last as long as necessary. A character that chooses to revert from declared villain into a regular character must reduce all power level and assets by half (the balance of this is to be negotiated with a staffer). The player of the declared villain is responsible for coming up with any reasons needed to explain the drop or rise in power that accompanies becoming a declared villain, and giving up that status. A character who gives up declared villainhood may still go back to being villainous, but the benefits of a declared villain will be forever lost.

Each player may own no more than one Declared Villain at a time. It is also possible to make one Declared Villain considered "inactive", allowing for another declared villain without necessarily having to kill off or demote the old villain. The player must notify staff about making the villain inactive. For a month after that point, the character must be completely inactive, meaning that they cannot be roleplayed whatsoever during that time, and may not have a direct or indirect influence on other characters. After the month, the character is officially considered inactive, and the player is allowed to get a new villain. The inactive villain must continue to remain as inactive as previously described until the player makes him/her active again, which requires that no other declared villains be active, and that the character has been inactive at least for one month.

The Conversion Process, in Detail

When an existing, qualifying character decides to convert to Declared Villainhood, a particular process is followed, with regard to boosting techniques and power. The character's total power is doubled, and the added half is set aside. That increased power can be converted, either partially or wholly, into a particular amount of tech days. The remainder becomes power, which can be distributed amongst the character's power types.

Power can be converted into tech days, at a rate of 216 PL per 72 tech days, or at a rate of 10% of the additional power per 72 tech days, whichever consumes more power. These chunks of conversion may not be divided down into smaller, more convenient portions. Overflow is considered wasted and may not be saved for future techniques. At no time may a conversion to declared villainy benefit the character with more than 720 tech days. All tech days created by this process MUST be spent immediately. Thus, the player may wish to get several new techniques approved to cover the potential gain.

Unless an item is part of the storyline that lead to a character becoming a DV, or the character knows how to create particular items, no items may be purchased by the tech days created through this process. If and when a DV character decides to convert back into normalcy again, all techniques gained through this process are immediately lost. It is possible to re-research techniques lost in this way -- no further application is needed.

In addition, all PL gained from this process is lost, along with half of all power gain received since being converted to a declared villain.

Tag Requirements

Declared villains must state their declared villainhood in their tags. They must also display, at least, the power ratings of any minions in play. This can be either in the tag or simply stated IC or OOC each time the minions enter play.

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Modified: 27 Jan 2005