Section IV, Techniques
Subsection C, Common Techniques

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Common Techniques are normal techniques made by the AltDBZ staffers (and certain fine chatters who have volunteered). You do not have to apply for them -- you simply start researching them. Generally speaking, they are basic techniques without a great deal of complexity, and are not usually very expensive. They are there to supplement your characters' arsenal of player-made techniques, when your creativity is taking a break, and nothing fancy is really needed.

All available common techs are listed on this website, located here. Full information for each available tech is shown. Any tech name that has not been made into a link has not yet had its details fully fleshed out by staffers, and therefore cannot be used as a common tech. Usually, if you have the general idea of the common tech, you can still just apply for it as a regular tech. However, if you do so, your version is NOT considered the same as the actual common tech when it comes out -- so if it shows up different when it's made, you don't get to change your tech to suit.

Some common techs have specific prerequisites -- that is, your character must meet certain standards in order to research these common techs. Make sure to read the entire common tech page carefully before selecting your technique.

It is possible to base normal techniques off of common techniques -- so, the common techs can be considered credentials for normal techs, so long as they apply.

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Modified: 27 Jan 2005