Section V, Training
Subsection A, General Training Info

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In Alternate Dragonball Z, there are three main ways to increase the abilities and powers of your character.

Passive Training.

Passive training is the leading way for progress to be made, both for power and techniques, because little effort on the player's behalf is required. You are given a credit every day, and when you role play (like normal) you can redeem those credits for power and technique advancement.

Solo Training

To make use of solo training, the player writes up a single, long post describing their character training either at power or at a technique. The solo is shown to a staffer, and the staffer decides if it is approved. If it is approved, an amount of gain is received for that which was trained.

Sparring / Fighting

Inherent to Dragonball Z, a great deal of character gain revolves around sparring (friendly practice fighting) and fighting with other characters. This requires no staff intervention, and gives the largest potential gain of the three types, but in order to qualify, both (or all) fighters involved must be challenged.\

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Modified: 27 Jan 2005