Section V, Training
Subsection C, RP Training

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Though Passive Training is the most popular and often used form of training, there are other ways, and they all fall into the general category of roleplay training. As opposed to Passive Training, with roleplay training or active training, as it's sometimes called, your benefits are earned by actually RPing something. What exactly you RP determines what kind of training it is, and what you get for it.

Solo Training

A solo is a roleplay done by a character by his or herself, usually lumped into one very big post and either displayed publicly in the room or posted to the message board. You can RP a solo and get training benefits for it, but not all solos qualify for training. A solo must be approved by a staffer before it can be used for training purposes. Once approved, a solo will reward the character with either 1.5% additional power (calculated from the total of all his/her PLs), or 3 tech days, depending on what kind of solo it is. If the solo is considered exceptional quality, the staffer can elect to give up to double that amount, but it is rare to get more than the normal bonus.

Solos are judged vaguely according to a set of guidelines, though staffers may take some personal freedoms in judging them. The guidelines for a good solo are this:

  1. It must be relevant. If your solo is developing a technique, then it should describe working on that technique, not exercising, unless exercising plays a main role in the technique. Similarly, don't spend three paragraphs describing the setting and two sentences explaining the actual work done. Your solo should be mainly about actual work on whatever it is you're working on ... if the staffer has to ask you what you're developing with the solo, that's probably not a good sign.

  2. It must be chronologically accurate. This mostly applies to solos done toward techniques. If you have a super destructo beam of death that blows up whole mountains that you're working on, and you've only invested about 4 tech days in it, and it requires in the neighborhood of 180 tech days, then your solo at this point should NOT be blowing up a mountain. At least the first quarter of the tech days should represent the character actually thinking up and conceptualizing the technique. The middle half should be refining, exploring, and trial and error. The last part is, possibly, field testing and accuracy improvement. You should not be able to successfully execute the technique several times in a row until you have completed it.

  3. It should be some of your better RP work. Staffers are usually around the room pretty often, and so they've probably seen you RP. We do not want to see solos that look like you just randomly threw them together in an effort for some extra tech days. In fact, each one should be slightly better than your last.

Solos will not be accepted for techniques that are being learned from another character, unless the owner of the teaching character notifies staff that the character can work on it on his/her own. Official teachers can put solo time in their teaching regimen, but the solos are approved by the player of the teacher, not staff.

If your solo (any solo, not necessarily staffer approved) is viewed by a staffer, or at least 3 other players, you can count it as a completed RP for passive training purposes.

Group Training

Group training is simpler and more relaxed than solo training. All it is is two or more characters training together. This isn't for PL -- groups training for PL are considered to be sparring, and thus get the fighting gain. If you group train for techs, you do not get any PL gain for it, except for the passive training redemption. Group training for techniques always earns the character 1 tech day for that technique. If it's logged and shown to a staffer, and the staffer approves it, it's worth a full week of tech days (7 days, not in addition to the previously mentioned 1 tech day) for each approved participant (that is, each participant who is training their own version of a technique gets their own seven days of credit). They are performed just like any other RP, except with a loose adherence to the guidelines shown in the solo section. Since good group training tends to be lengthier in total than a solo, the staff generally prefers to receive group training logs through email or on the message board. Please make sure that, in your emails, you clearly indicate who you are and which characters are participating.

Plot Credits

Getting plot credits doesn't really involve training. Plot credits are awarded by plot moderators to specific characters who participate in their plots and impress them with either their courageousness or their sheer wit in handling a situation. Courageousness is usually awarded with some amount of extra power, beyond what is normally given. Intelligence is rewarded by tech days, usually called tech credits, worth 7 tech days each. It is very rare for a plot mod to give out more than one bonus to a single character, or to give bonuses to many characters. They are considered a special treat for exceptional RPers.

There is another kind of RPing training called Questing, but since that has an entire system behind it, we have dedicated a whole subsection to it.

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