(Era of Peace)

The First to Fall 

 Etiquette of Reform

Once Oujakuma was banished and the Ultimate Kai remade reality, he promised the power wielders of Earth a new planet, which would reflect their inner desires, to better defend against the evil that would imminently come again some day. Slowly, Earth reformed itself, from the small, shattered island of rock that had remained from the Null's ravages, into a full planet, with many exciting new frontiers. The nation once known as the World Empire had been replaced along with its oppressive IMP police by the more laissez-faire government of Cardinal. Meanwhile, the old continent was surrounded by many new ones. Of them, Alaris has become the most successful and well known, its ultra-high-tech capital of Arsineh watching over the less advanced world of Cardinal in general disdain and subtle toleration.

Peace lasted for more than 8 months, giving the power wielders time to explore their new world, and uncover special points of their own stories and lives which change them forever.


The Inner Demon

Gabriel Noluce, the half-demon, had his inner demon emerge and take control after a series of intolerably benevolent acts from the reformed man. Gabriel's friends were forced to face down this evil incarnation and banish him from Gabriel's consciousness for good.

Grim Coins for the Reaper

Victor Rand was a vengeful and maniacal man, hell-bent on killing anyone who stood in the way of his ideals. With his terrorist-like attacks on West City, and menacing blade, Rand quickly swept throughout the media, proclaiming himself "The Reaper". The purpose of his violence and the identity of Mr. Rand were lingering mysteries...

After many lives were wasted, the 2nd Commander of A.R.C.H.I.E. III, Cazyn Ravi, had discovered that this "Reaper" was his former mentor. After many battles were waged and vast amounts of blood were spilled, this darkest part of the converted android's past was brought to light. Eventually, in a final showdown at the West City cemetery, this wraith was set to rest in an unmarked grave.

His remains still lie in that rotten tomb...

Modified: 30 Dec 2003