Section II, Characters
Subsection B, Competitive Characters

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Competitive characters are what most of our characters are. They are the fighters. They are the wielders of great power who do all the talking as well as the walking as far as plots are concerned. Most of our rules are there to manage the competitive characters, but you'll find that competitive characters get a lot more RP than other kinds.

Competitive characters have several important attributes.


Power, in Alt, is generally measured and judged on a numerical gauge called Power Level, or PL for short. The power a character has is sometimes split and divided over four power types -- Ki, Psi, Magic, and Physical. Once there, power determines a large chunk of what your character is capable of doing, compared to another character, such as speed, strength, and the ability to even detect what your opponent is doing. Power Level is discussed in much greater detail in another section.

Suffice to say, normal competitive characters get fifteen hundred (1,500) PL when they're made.


Techniques (or "techs" as we usually call them) are your character's special powers, abilities, and skills that help to improve a character's general fare in this game. They usually rely on the character's power level(s) to determine how strong they are. For example, a powerful fireball, or a temporary burst in speed are both considered techniques. They can also include items such as weapons, armor, and vehicles as well as almost all magical spells. Techniques are discussed in much greater detail in another section.

Most of the time, a character has to apply for a tech and then develop it through a specific process, but characters can start with pre-learned techniques too. However, these will take a significant amount of your starting PL away, depending on the number and strength of the techs you choose.

  • RACE

All characters have a race. By race, we mean a race like Human, Namek, or Saiyan. These are some of the major races that exist in the room. You can find out more about all of them in their respective sections. Races often determine what your character will be good at or bad at, and sometimes give you extra powers. You can make your own race too, but we STRONGLY discourage you from doing that until you have a strong concept of how things work in the room. Getting a custom race approved can take a LONG time. NOTE: Applications for Minor Races are temporarily being refused. See this section for details.

Applying for a Competitive Character

All Competitive characters have to eventually be applied for and approved, in this room. You have to use this form to apply for a character. Effectively applying for a character isn't as easy as it looks, though. 75% of all beginners to the room fill in their first app insufficiently, and must go over the entire concept with staff, consuming a lot of time.

The general rules for applying for a character are as follows:

1) You must have an account on IMC already before applying for a character.

2) You must explain all of your technique(s) in "room terms", or the terminology we use to explain the workings of techs. See the Room Terms section for details.

3) You must note if you wish your character to hold any position of prestige or power that should be recognized by other players. Not all such requests will be approved.

4) You may not apply for source characters (characters from the show or from any other publication) or any characters related to those characters.


Competitive characters MUST be applied for AND approved by an authorized staffer before they may be played as full characters. The only exception to this process is in Playtesting Mode. See below for details.

Characters are expected to be applied as new to the world of power fighting, regardless of their PL. Such new characters typically have much fewer techniques than veteran characters. You should not expect any leniency or special rewards if you say your character is the ruler of something, or if you argue that your character has been RPed for years and deserves some advantage. We will not bend our universe to fit your character's story. You must bend your character's story to fit into the room.

DO NOT APPLY FOR SOURCE CHARACTERS! Source characters are characters directly from Dragonball Z or any other published TV show, book, magazine, or otherwise. These characters will not even be reviewed. Do not apply for characters who are related to source characters, unless you have staff permission to do so.


Competitive characters do not have to state their character type in their tags, but, the following MUST be kept in their tags, regardless of circumstances:

  • All base power levels
  • The passive training gauge, if in use
  • Any incap days that currently apply

In addition, you must list the names of all of a competitive character's techniques, both complete and in progress, including items and common techs. However, you are allowed to circumvent this rule if you place the names of the techniques on a page linked to the character's handle. Techniques that are still in progress must have their progress clearly displayed with the tech name, in a manner which will allow staff members to easily understand it.

We would like to strongly suggest that you also place any statistic modifications or power multipliers in your character sheet or tag, because if you do not, you will be required to explain them when they come into effect in the RP. Failure to do so gives the other player(s) fair grounds to ignore them.

IMC has pre-built, easy to make, web-based character sheets for the purpose of displaying your Alt DBZ characters' various traits. We suggest you use them, as it can make life much easier with your competitive characters. Ask the staff for instructions on how to create and use one.

  • MODE: Playtesting

If you are unsure if a character has potential to be worth the effort of developing and applying, try a simple Playtest of that character, instead. As a playtesting character, you do not have to apply for the character for two weeks, nor do you have to work out your technique specifics. However, you should have a general idea of what your PL is (1,500 or under) and the names of any techs you are planning to use while playtesting. Playtesting characters must be either applied for or discarded at the end of the two week period. Playtesting characters immediately turn into full competitive characters when they have become approved, assuming all statistics given by the approval email. They must be discarded or at least put on complete hold if the application is denied. Only new characters who have not yet been approved may be playtested. Once you submit your character application for the playtesting character, you may extend that playtesting period until the character's application is approved or denied.

Characters in playtesting mode are subject to several restrictions, because of their liberty in entering the room. They may:

  • Engage in social RPs
  • Engage in fights and spars
  • Maintain generic, low-maintenance stats
  • Have their RPs (and all actions within) voted out of existence by other participants.

They may not:

  • Engage in any kind of official storyline RP
  • Give others PL or technique gains
  • Keep any gains received before being approved
  • Kill characters
  • Own any considerable amount of property or estate
  • Be in declared villain mode

Playtesting characters must state that they are being playtested in their tags.

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Modified: 31 Dec 2004